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What is the DFSF’s mission?

The Dobbs Ferry Schools Foundation was created in 1994 to increase financial resources for the village’s school children.

The DFSF works with the Dobbs Ferry schools and the Dobbs Ferry community to achieve three important goals:

1. To be a partner in the development of an exceptional system of public education by promoting excellence in all aspects of education.


2. To provide each child with the resources and opportunities needed to realize his and her full potential.


3. To obtain support from individuals, businesses, corporations and private foundations who are committed to excellence in public education. 

What types of programs does the DFSF fund?

A wide array of programs and initiatives ranging from technology to the arts to reading, writing and arithmetic to staff development to academic scholarships to building better schools.  The programs may target a specific grade or an entire school. Please visit our website for a listing of the initiatives we have funded.

How is the money raised?

The annual gala generates the largest source of funding, accounting for about half of all funds raised annually.  Board member contributions cover 100% of annual administrative costs.  Individual donors, matching gifts, and public and private grants are another source of funding. We are constantly on the lookout for for new fundraising ideas and sources, and welcome input.  

How is the money spent? What is the grant process?

Each year, the District (teachers and departments) submits grant proposals to the DFSF Board.  The Programming and Planning Committee reviews the proposals and makes recommendations to the DFSF Board.  The Board then votes on overall support of the project as well as funding levels. 

How many board members are there, and what do they do?

As of Fall 2014, there are 21 board members. The main goal of all our board members is fundraising for the District. Each member is required to participate in committee work of their choice, to make a financial contribution, and to assist with the annual fundraising activities.

How does the DFSF differ from the PTSA?

The PTSA and the DFSF are two separate organizations with a similar vision: to enrich the lives of the children in Dobbs Ferry.  The PTSA functions within the school.  The DFSF operates primarily from the outside in, working together with the principals and superintendent as well as businesses, professionals and other resources to raise money and explore/implement innovative initiatives for our District.

Can I join both the DFSF and the PTSA?

Absolutely! Many of our members belong to both organizations. 


Is it possible to volunteer my time without becoming a Board member?

Yes, by joining the gala committee and working on fundraising.  This committee offers you an opportunity to gain exposure to the DFSF to see whether or not you would like to become a Board member.

What is the time commitment for the gala committee?

The gala committee generally meets once a month for the 6 months preceeding the Gala.  Additonal time right before or at the Gala itself may also be needed. Specific time commitments vary depending on your involvement level. 

Who can I contact about volunteering?

Please contact our Membership Chairs:

Sandra Rosas at

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